Every entrepreneur in the hotel and catering industry knows the problem of blockage of the urinal. Customers throw in cigarette ends, glass and many other things, which do not belong in a urinal. As a consequence of this development urinal screens were introduced to avoid this problem. At a later stage a target was developed to pee directed: The little fly!

However, it would be nicer if peeing directed would lead to movement of something.

The company GeRiJo produced in 2000, especially for the European Championship soccer in The Netherlands and Belgium, an urinal screen which fits in almost every urinal. The urinal screen is orange coloured (the colour of the Dutch national team) and has a little goal inclusive mini football on it. This is an alternative to the little fly, which has been placed in many urinals already. Now it is fun to pee against the mini football and score.

Now in 2005 we are bringing out a new variant: the darts board. On the existing screen we fix a small version of a darts board with a big bulls eye, which will start rotating when you pee on it. You can imagine that to every bar and hotel which has a darts board these urinal screens could be sold quickly.